An Expensive Direct Patient Care Telemedicine Practice

Direct patient care practices (DPCs), also called concierge practices, do not accept health insurance but rather bill the individual or employer directly for the practice services.

Some DPCs are aimed at middle income persons and others are for the wealthy or their top executives.

World Clinic: Continuous Connected Care – is a high end concierge practice:

WorldClinic provides instant physician access and the latest longevity science to executives, families, and world travelers.

Our clients use us to address any medical condition anywhere, anytime.

We care for families and individuals who use our service to resolve 95% of medical issues without ever going to a doctor’s office.



WorldClinic in Action:
From Food Poisoning to Successful Business Meeting in 4 hours


Saturday Asthma Attack, Back on the Court Sunday


Saving Eyesight in Less than 24 Hours


Our Value:

24/7 Direct Access to a Personal On-Call Physician:

Your WorldClinic physician is just a phone call away, everywhere you are.

The Highest Commitment to the Best Medical Care:

Without the financial or system constraints of today’s complex health care system.

Immediate ER physician evaluation via phone:

Guided physical exam via video link [facetime or skype]

The home page has other examples of how they helped their clients.

And the Services page states:


And further on the Services page, the site compares their offering to other concierge practices, and to private health advisary services (See my upcoming blog post on Private Health Advisary Services)







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