Another Portable Ultrasound System – The Butterfly IQ

I’ve recently posted on some new portable ultrasounds. See Two YouTube Videos On Portable Ultrasound Scanners posted on April 28, 2018.

The first video reviews two new wireless ultrasound scanners: The Sonostar and the Q-Sono. The Second video lists ten portable ultrasound scanners.

And here is another new hand held ultrsound scanner: The Butterfly iQ. There are a number of YouTube videos on the the scanner.

See also the article The Butterfly Effect from Emergency Medicine Monthly  [Link is to the article] by JONDAVID LANDON ON JANUARY 31, 2018. This article discusses and compares the new Butterfly iQ to three other portable ultrasound scanners:

  1. The Philips Lumify
  2. The GE Vscan Extend
  3. The Clarius Wireless
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