Creating A Course For Your Ecommerce Site – Idea Validation

Every ecommerce site needs a product or service to sell.

In my Idea Validation series of posts, I’ve discussed how to generate, find, and test  ideas for products and services that you can sell on your site.

Creating a course for readers and followers can be a wonderful way for you to share your expertise with your followers.

Many online entrepreneurs have created courses that they then sell on their websites.

Pat Flynn, of Smart Passive Income, is one of the leaders in creating courses for his audience. Amy Porterfield is another leader. Both create and sell courses about how to make money online.

But there are many other fields in which useful courses have been created.

What follows are some examples of successful courses:

PUT THE LIST with links here.

Here are some resources from Thinkific – “The online course platform you can trust with your business”. The resources page has approximately 25 different videos and blog posts that can quickly get you up to speed on building your course.

And here is a link to Sitebuilder From Thinkific – “designed from the ground up for education products”.

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