Forward Healthcare – A Startup From A Former Google Executive

Forward is a new health clinic startup which reportedly raised $100,000,000 in funding. The company is based in San Franscisco and was founded by Adrian Aoun, a former Google executive. [The clinic that redefines preventive care -Time Nov 27/Dec 4, 2017]

As of the date of this post, the company has two offices; one in San Francisco and one in Los Angeles.

And it has impressive investors: Erich Schmidt, Mark Benioff, Founders Fund, First Round, and Khosla Ventures.

For $149 a month users receive a bundle of services.

Health Moves Forward is the first blog post from founder Adrian Auon.

Here are links to the website:

  •  Your Doctor
    • Your Personal Care Team
    • Meet Your Doctor
  • Your Data
    • Comprehensive One Hour Baseline Exam
    • Screenings and Blood Tests
      • “Our onsite lab machines help us collect blood testing results instantly. The data is streamed to you and your Forward doctor during the visit so it can be acted upon immediately.”
  • Always On
    • “Remember when your doctor even having a website was considered a game-changer? Let’s set our sights a little higher. With Forward, all of your data, your plans, and your care are available via your app.”
    • 24/7 Access
    • Proactive Plans
    • Your Data At Your Fingertips
    • Continue Your Healthcare At Home
  • Our Mission
    • Moving Healthcare Forward
      • “Our mission is to combine the best aspects of physicians – judgment, empathy, and experience – with the best aspects of technology – scalability, cost and convenience – to bring higher quality, lower cost healthcare to as many people as possible.”
    • Improving Quality
      • “We aim to radically improve the care our members receive. We do this by arming our doctors with data they don’t normally get, including genetics, real-time blood testing, and data from connected devices.”
    • Lowering Costs
      • “Healthcare has a scaling problem: because it’s a labor-based business, it’s hard to keep costs low. We’re building hardware and software to help our care team take care of more people than they could without technology. Our ambition is for Forward to be affordable to everyone.”
    • Fixed Incentives
      • “Because traditional doctors and hospitals make money by billing insurance companies, the patient becomes the product, not the customer. Forward’s membership model allows us to focus entirely on our members and allows us to build anything imaginable to improve their lives — whether or not there’s an insurance code for it.”
    • Proactive, Not Reactive
      • “Healthcare today is like going to a repair shop – you wait for something to break and then you pay someone to fix it. But what truly harms us are things like heart disease, cancer, and kidney diseases – not always things you feel when you wake up in the morning. We built a system to manage and get ahead of issues early.”
    • Full Stack
      • “Forward is a full-stack company: doctors, designers and engineers work together to build their own software and hardware, including our own electronic health records system. This allows us to innovate faster and prevents us from being held back by legacy systems. We’re constantly improving by adding new services and capabilities that are only possible because we rebuilt the entire system from scratch.”
    • “The fact that you have medical professionals and engineers working literally side-by-side to tackle problems in healthcare is really exciting.
    • Investors Supporting Our Mission
  • Services
    • Onsite Pharmacy
    • Onsite Blood Testing
    • Personalized Plan
    • Women’s Health
    • Genetic Screening
    • Travel Vaccines
    • Other Services

See also the Tech Crunch post Forward brings its personalized healthcare service to Los Angeles. Posted Nov 15, 2017 by Jonathan Shieber.

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