Some Resources On Facebook Groups

Continuing my review of free ecommerce resources, I’m going to go over some resources on getting started with Facebook groups.

First start by watch this simple YouTube video on starting a Facebook Group, Creating & Managing a Facebook Group. 2:21

And then watch  this excellent YouTube video, Tips For Managing Your Facebook Group Effectively, and you’re ready to go. 8:25

After you’ve watched the videos, go ahead and join a group to see how others are using them.

The following are excerpts from Resource (1) below:

Initially as an alternative to forums and to create more community amongst its members, Facebook created Facebook Groups. These sub-groups within Facebook can be created by any individual or business on Facebook. They allow you to create group messages, conversations and community. You can either keep them completely open, closed but discoverable (when you have to approve all members joining), or secret (that you can only find with a link).

When it comes to business, Facebook Groups are a powerful tool. Here are a few of Facebook Groups’ many uses:

  1. Benefiting customers: Facebook Groups can be offered as a benefit of being a member of an organization or a customer of a business. A restaurant can create a Facebook Group where recipes and local events are shared with its customers. Or a realtor can create a community group for its clients to have a gathering place to share town information and resources. Our marketing association, Powerful Professionals, uses Facebook Groups as a bonus for enrolling in some of our top-tier courses. Try and use Facebook Groups as a bonus for your customers that will set you apart from your competitors.
  2. Gathering members/attendees: Facebook Groups can be used to create engagement, relationships and partnerships via members of your group or association, or attendees of your upcoming event. We have an association Facebook Group for Powerful Professionals and members can post questions, ask for resources or share tips and strategies with each other. It is also a way I can personally connect with our members. You can also use jump into your own Facebook Group to foster relationships amongst your attendees of an upcoming event or conference.
  3. Promoting others: Occasionally, we will help support another business’ launch of their book, product, program or service, sharing their promotion with our email list. To ensure we provide value, we have created a Facebook Group for discussion during the launch period.
  4. Promoting books or product launches: When launching a new book, we create a “Pop Up” Facebook Group ahead of the launch. It helps build buzz and creates a gathering spot for book discussion engagement. This goes a long way in fostering superfans, who are vital in word-of-mouth marketing. Before you launch your next product or publish your first or next book, try creating a Facebook Group to help in your promotions efforts.



(1) The Starter Guide to Facebook Groups for Business: How to use a modern forum to grow your audience. Kim Walsh Phillips VIP Contributor / Founder and CEO of Elite Digital Group. September 22, 2017 from Entrepeneur.

(2) How Your Company Can Use Facebook Groups for Marketing – Facebook groups are a goldmine for businesses.

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