Using Ultrasound to Diagnose Eye Diseases: Two Great YouTube Emergency Medicine Videos

I just watched two excellent YouTube videos on the use of ultrasound in the diagnosis of eye diseases.

The first is by Dr. Anna Pickens and is a brief excellent general review of the use of ultrasound scans to diagnose eye disease in the emergency department: Ocular ultrasound: “EM in 5” .

Dr. Larry Mellick has published hundreds of useful Emergency Medicine videos and his latest, Using Ultrasound to Diagnose Papilledema, was published just 4 days ago and is only six minutes long.


Ultrasound Guide for Emergency Physicians: An Introduction, 2008. Beatrice Hoffmann, M.D., Ph.D., RDMS, Matthew S. Nixon. MA, MS

Ultrasound Village: “Welcome to Ultrasound Village. Ultrasound Village has been created by clinicians for clinicians. With medical educationalists and ultrasound experts we aim to create a simple and robust pathway to achieving ultrasound competence.”

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