Exploring The Palliative Care Network Of Wisconsin Site – A Resource For Clinicians And Patients

Symptom management, palliative care, symptom relief is the appropriate focus of end-of-life care. And the Palliative Care Network Of Wisconsin is an outstanding resource for clinicians, patients and families.

But palliative care, symptom relief is also an important focus of care for patients who aren’t dying. And that is why this site is useful to all clinicians caring for patients who aren’t at the end-of-life.

And the site can be a useful resource for patients or families who are suffering distressing symptoms to ensure that they or their loved ones are receiving the most effective palliative care available.

Today I’m going to link to some of the outstanding resources of the site.

There are series of sixteen palliative care slide presentations (Power Point – these presentations can also be viewed with the free open source software from Open Office).



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