Link To “EMCrit – Critical Care For Non-Intensivists During The COVID19 Pandemic”

This post is simply a link to Dr. Weingart‘s outstanding minicourse, EMCrit – Critical Care For Non-Intensivists During The COVID19 Pandemic, March 25, 2020 from EMCrit.

Here is what Dr. Weingart says in the introduction to his post:

This page is an iterative attempt to create an 8-10 hour curriculum for non-intensivists being tasked to take care of critically ill patients as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. I welcome your comments on what should be added, subtracted or changed.

This is a work in progress–it will be updated daily. Please put in comments any ideas you have!

I plan to review all of the great resources on Dr. Weingart’s post. As I complete each one of the resources, I’ll make a seperate on that resource. I do this because it makes it easy for me to find the resource in the Search Function and in the Categories box on my blog.

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