2018 ACLS Review – Bradycardia – IBCC Chapter & Cast By Dr Josh Farkas

Note: This post is superseded. I didn’t delete it so as not to get a broken link.

Rather, review the Bradycardia chapter of the IBCC directly.

I completed a thorough review in Links To The Chapter, “Bradycardia” From The Internet Book of Critical Care
Posted on October 27, 2021 by Tom Wade MD

[Note to myself: Whenever I review the ACLS bradycardia chapter, I need to review Dr. Farkas’ outstanding bradycardia podcast and Internet Book of Critical Care chapter on bradycardia [Both of his resources are critical to understanding and managing bradycardia. Also be sure and review his BRASH  Syndrome Post*- Do not skip it.]

*PulmCrit- BRASH syndrome: Bradycardia, Renal failure, Av blocker, Shock, Hyperkalemia February 15, 2016 by Dr Josh Farkas.

Dr. Josh Farkas has produced an outstanding podcast on bradycardia. And here is the list of all of Dr. Farkas’ IBCC podcasts to date.

And here are the links to Dr. Farkas’s Bradycardia Chapter from The Internet Book of Critical Care [Link is to the Table of Contents]:


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