The Harriet Lane Handbook: An Outstanding Pediatric Book That’s Useful to All Physicians

 The latest edition of the Harriet Lane Handbook—A Manual for Pediatric House Officers (1) is an outstanding pediatric text that is actually useful for all primary care physicians including those who only treat adults.

The book’s formulary (list of medicines) is very complete and has clear detailed dosing instructions for patients from newborn to adults. And it is the formulary that makes the book useful for all physicians.

For generations since the first edition, way back in 1953, pediatric doctors in training have carried this (relatively) portable reference in their white coat pocket as they worked in the hospital. Each new edition is worth purchasing by any doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse, or physician’s assistant.

It is the single most concise, best organized pediatric resource available. Every pediatric specialty from emergency medicine to rheumatology is concisely summarized with checklists for every major pediatric disease

For example, the cardiology chapter’s three page summary of Kawasaki’s disease, the most common acquired heart disease in children, is perfect.

And every purchaser of the book receives a unique code that allows him or her to access the entire book on the internet or smart phone at no extra charge. And the internet version has much extra information that supplements the book topics.

Everyone involved in pediatrics and even adult medicine will benefit from this book.

Think about ordering it today. You won’t be disappointed.

(1) The Harriet Lane Handbook—A Manual for the Pediatric House Officers. 19th edition, 2012. Morgan M. Tschudy MD and Kirstin M. Arcara MD. Elsevier Mosby.

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