How To Start Your Email List Even Before You Get Your Website Up – An Example

Here is a great example of a company starting to build their email list even before they have their website up: Helix – Professional Pain Relief.

I got to this web page through a display ad on an HTML article in Physical Therapy, the journal of the American Physical Therapy Association, that I was reading. Their simple web page is an example for all of us. Successful idea validation, successful ecommerce requires a fast start.

This simple web page has a great graphic (surely a stock photo) and great design and here is all the text:

Helix is here.

Our website’s not far behind.

We’re so excited about Helix Professional Pain Relief we couldn’t wait to share!

Helix is an innovation in topical analgesia available exclusively to professionals for in-practice use and, for participating resellers, sales at point-of-service. Helix delivers the efficacy of an optimized menthol formulation (7.4%) in a cooling, smooth, and easy-to-apply cream.

Want to learn more? Email us [the email address is] for more information. And we’ll contact you when our complete site is up. It won’t be long now!

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