“The Resuscitation Crisis Manual” – A New Book From Drs. Weingart And Borshoff

[At the time of this post, 7-26-2018, the site to buy The Anesthesia Crisis Manual and to buy The Resuscitation Crisis Manual is not taking orders. If you leave your email address the site will email you when it is back up.]

A while back, Dr. Weingart talked about his planned “Resuscitation Crisis Handbook”. The book, coedited by anesthesiologist, Dr. David C. Borshoff and Dr. Weingart, is available now. Each chapter was created by an expert on the specific topic.

Dr. Borshoff has previously created The Anesthesia Crisis Manual which many anesthesiologists keep constantly available in their operating suites.

In EMCrit Podcast 229 – No-Shitters, Boldface, and the Resus QRH July 25, 2018 by Scott Weingart, Dr. Borshoff discusses the origin of the book and Dr. Weingart also discusses the book.

You can see the Table  of Contents at resuscrisismanual.com. And there you can also see a sample chapter on Status Epilepticus. And when you buy the print book you get an ebook for your devices at no extra charge.

Additional Free Online Resource:

The European Society of Anesthesiology has created a free downloadable PDF, Emergency Quick Reference. What follows are excerpts from the Preface of this book:

The ESA and EBA Helsinki Declaration on Patient Safety in Anaesthesiology1 requires to have protocols available for the management of perioperative complications. Based on the book “The Anaesthetic Crisis Manual“2 by David Borshoff and the previous ESA project “OLEH” (Online Electronic Help) by Azriel Perel, the Task Force Patient Safety has developed checklists for various emergencies that appear similar to reference guides used in aviation for in-flight emergencies.

These checklists are thought to be a service for the ESA and EBA members and every anaesthetist or national anaesthesia society should feel free to adopt them to their local or national practice.


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