The Virtual Telehealth Visit From Tytocare

All of what follows is from the Tytocare website:

TytoCare – Our Story

The only telehealth visit with a physical exam, all from the comfort of home

A comprehensive exam and telehealth visit, anytime and anywhere

TytoHome device for examining the ears, throat, heart, lungs, abdomen, skin, and capturing heart rate and temperature data
TytoApp for live video telehealth exams with your physician or “exam and forward” for later diagnosis
Guidance technology ensures anyone can capture exam data safely and accurately
Includes: otoscope (ears), stethoscope (heart, lung and abdomen), basal thermometer, digital camera (skin and throat), rechargeable battery.

Enable your doctor to remotely diagnose conditions such as: ear infections, flu, upper respiratory infections, sinus infections, pink eye, rashes, bug bites, wounds, sore throat and pneumonia
Monitor chronic conditions without leaving home
Use at home, on vacation, or in the office – Tyto travels with you!

Peace of mind
Convenience of a remote exam anytime and anywhere
Confidence that the remote diagnosis is the right diagnosis


Tytocare – A comprehensive telemedicine visit, anytime, anywhere. They make electronic devices for telemedicine physical exams.

Designed for professional use, TytoPro enables clinicians to:

Extend clinical services to remote locations when needed such as schools, nursing and home care facilities
Get a quick and easy second opinion or a specialist consult
Examine, capture and share images with patients to explain diagnosis and motivate treatment
Send exam data EHR for continuity of care and disease tracking

TytoVisit™ platform

All Tyto products are powered by TytoVisit. TytoVisit delivers the most comprehensive telehealth visit and physical exam available. It includes a HIPAA compliant cloud platform and TytoApp that runs on a smart phone or tablet to enable a “live telehealth exam” for immediate diagnosis or “exam and forward” for later review. The Clinician Dashboard lets physicians conduct live remote exams, review and share data, communicate with patients and clinicians, and schedule telehealth visits.

TytoCare’s advanced cloud platform provides:

Open API integration with EHR systems and 3rd party tools (BP, SpO2, scales)
Patient questionnaires, e-prescriptions and analytics
Ability to integrate with existing telehealth platforms

TytoHome $299

TytoPro $999 plus monthly software and usage fees.

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