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There are numerous telemedicine providers with different focuses and payment models. Worldcare is a high end direct pay telemedicine provider serving upper income clients.

Here are some excerpts from the Worldcare-Continuous Connected Care site:

WorldClinic provides instant physician access and the latest longevity science to executives, families, and world travelers.

Our clients use us to address any medical condition anywhere, anytime.

We care for families and individuals who use our service to resolve 95% of medical issues without ever going to a doctor’s office.

We leverage genome sequencing, stem cell therapy, and other emerging treatments along with smartphone monitors to maximize longevity.

Our Care Process




Most often, issues can be treated out of the prescription medical kit all WorldClinic patients receive when they enroll. 95% of WorldClinic patients can be treated by a physician consult and a medication from their kit without going to a Doctor’s office.


For complex cases, are immediately escalated to a higher level of care and get world class second opinions & expert referrals immediately through WorldClinic’s proprietary 7,000 international physician and hospital database.


Through the WorldClinic app, a Dr. follows each case to ensure the optimal outcome for each patient. All the patients records are updated and their progress is shared with every person in their care chain.

The home page has nine cases (examples) of how the service works for its patients. The whole site is very much worth exploring.



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