BlogPicAbout the Site

Hi, I’m Dr. Tom Wade. I began this site in November of 2011. The blog is a record of medical subjects that I have reviewed and a record of some of my continuing medical education activities. It is also a place for me to save some of the medical resources that I use.

Although this site is really just a study guide and resource for me, I hope that other physicians, nurses and patients will find some things of interest.

At this time there are over three hundred posts on the blog. The most recent posts are listed at the top to the right. Check the various categories if you’d like see a list of posts for the given category. To see a list of blog categories, click on the categories drop-down box on the right side of the page . And if you have a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see covered in depth, please leave me a comment.

I also have a YouTube channel, Tom Wade MD. There are videos on how to calculate your heart attack risk and your stroke risk. There are five videos on the different types of heart tests and what they mean. There are about thirty videos on different medical blood tests. The video on the complete blood count has had over 45,000 views.