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Note to my readers: This blog and its posts are simply my study notes. I create them because the process helps me remember material I have reviewed.

For the subject of this post, you, the reader, should go directly to Teaching Images of Dr. Smith’s blog. There you will find every figure on the post in addition to those that I have copied from the post.

At the Teaching Images post you will want to carefully review the entire side bar of the post. This side bar, which is appended to every one of Dr. Smith’s post, is awesome.

And the very long sidebar, much longer than the posts, has great additional resources.

The sidebar (present on every post) features recommendations books related to Emergency Medicine that are relevant to all primary care physicians.

The sidebar (present on every post) contains a great list of popular posts.

The sidebar  (present on every post) contains an Index (called Labels) that functions as a complete atlas of electrocardiographic abnormalities.

I went ahead and copied some of the images from the pagethe page to help fix those images in my mind:

The OMI Progression on ECG

Differentiation of Anterior ST Depression: Posterior OMI or Global Supply/Demand Mismatch?

ECG Leads and Myocardial Territories


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