A Link To The Entire EM Cases Rapid Review Videos – Awesome

My cell phone service gives me more data then I can use since I don’t watch videos on my phone.

Here is a great use for you if you too have more data then you are using. Whenever you have ten minutes free just watch one of the EM Cases Rapid Review Videos from Emergency Medicine Cases. At the time of this post, there are are eighteen outstanding brief videos and more are added regularly. Here are links to the videos by category:

Welcome to EM Cases Rapid Reviews Videos!

In each series of 6-10 minute videos, our team reviews the key take home points from one of the EM Cases main episode podcasts. To maximize your knowledge acquisition and retention, and in keeping with the educational theories of spaced repetition learning and multimodal learning, we recommend that after listening to the main episode podcast, you:

  1. Read the blog post or written summary,
  2. Review the Just the Nuggets emails with quizzes (sign up via our newsletter here) and
  3. Watch the Rapid Reviews video!

Entire EM Cases Rapid Reviews Videos library

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