A List of Online Emergency Medicine Resources Compiled By Dr. Sean M. Fox

Dr. Sean M. Fox, pediatric emergency physician, has compiled an outstanding online list pediatric emergency resources at the PedEM FOAM page on his blog Pediatric EM Morsels-Pediatric Emergency Medicine Education. For a brief description of each of the  sites  below,please go to Resources–> Online Resources on www.tomwademd.net.

Dr. Fox states:

“These are some online resources that many find useful for the quick refresher, re-learning, during the clinical shift.”

Bilitool.com     WheelessOnline.com (Orthopedics)      eORIF.com (Orthopedics)

RadiologyAssistant Pediatrics (the Pediatric Section of the educational site of the Radiological Society of the Netherlands)

LifeInTheFastLane PEM resources  (an Emergency Medicine Blog)


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