Airway Management During Massive Oral Bleeding – Help From Emcrit

Here is a link that I have just reviewed:

  1. Podcast 196 – [Link is to the podcast and show notes] Having a Vomit SALAD with Dr. Jim DuCanto – Airway Management Techniques during Massive Regurgitation, Emesis, or Bleeding
    April 3, 2017 by Dr Scott Weingart

CME for the above podcast is available. Check the show notes.

Be sure and also review Dr. Josh Farkas’ PulmCrit: Large-bore suction for intubation: strategies & devices,September 25, 2017 from his blog Pulmcrit.

So, here are links to other resources on the same topic (all links are from the EMCrit shownotes):

More from Jim DuCanto on EMCrit (again, all links are from the Emcrit show notes.)


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