Altered Mental Status – Diagnostic Schemas From The Clinical Problem Solvers

Note to myself: The best resource on Altered Mental Status for quick review is Dr. Farkas’ outstanding IBCC chapter & cast: Delirium [link is to the podcast and show notes]. His podcast and show notes contain very detailed instructions on the diagnosis and treatment of delirium. So his chapter is what I would use as my delirium resource.

So, I’ll be reviewing all of the excellent diagnostic schemas from the Clinical Problem Solvers. Then, after going through all of those, I’ll go back and review all the related podcasts.

So first up are the three diagnostic schemas on Altered Mental Status  [This link is to the web page where the schema is discussed. Be sure to review the video].

And here is  the link to the related podcast, Episode 1 – Altered Mental Status.

And here are the three diagnostic schemas:

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