“AMAX4 Simulation MASTER”: A Real-Time Simulation Of A Severe Anaphylaxis/Asthma Treatment

Be sure and review AMAX4 Lecture – COMPLETE. Dr. Ben McKenzie: “This [lecture series] is about managing asthma and anaphylaxis in extremis.”

Jun 5, 2023

The rationale behind this algorithm and related concepts are presented below by Dr Ben McKenzie in an hour-long lecture presentation. Ben has been a Director of Emergency Medicine Training for 10 years, a retrieval specialist for 15 years and cares about the standard of Emergency Medicine. The concepts are presented in a lecture that Ben has presented to two thirds of Victoria’s Emergency Departments and over 500 consultants and registrars. This is the complete, all-in-one, lecture video.

Today, I review and embed “AMAX4 Simulation MASTER” from Live to the MAX!. This video is a real-time simulation of a severe anaphylaxis/asthma treatment in the emergency department.

All that follows is from the above resource.

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