Another Great Pediatric Site for Parents – About Kids Health

About Kids Health – Trusted Answers from the Hospital for Sick Children is another great pediatric advice site for parents.

Here are some examples of the topics covered on the website:

All about fevers
A fever is a sign of infection. Learn how to manage your child’s symptoms if they are sick and age-appropriate methods to check their temperature.
Crying in babies
A baby’s cries can be just as distressing for you as for them. Find out how to tell normal from abnormal crying, why your baby has different cries and how you can respond to crying effectively.
How to treat a flu
Discover the best treatments for a mild flu infection, according to your child’s age, and what to do if a flu becomes more serious.

The site also has some outstanding videos, for example:

How to use a nasal aspirator or suction bulb/Poire aspirante ou mouche-bébé: mode d’emploi

How to hold and dress your newborn baby

How to give medication safely


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