“BCE 68 Ectopic Pregnancy Pitfalls in Diagnosis” – Help From Emergency Medicine Cases

BCE 68 Ectopic Pregnancy Pitfalls in Diagnosis [link is to the show notes and podcast] from Emergency Medicine Cases:

This month’s EM Cases Best Case Ever podcast features Dr. Catherine Varner, Emergency Physician at Sinai Health System and researcher at Schwartz-Reisman Emergency Medicine Institute (SREMI) discussing the key pitfalls in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy and ruptured ectopic pregnancy. It turns out that we’re missing the diagnosis more than we’d like to admit. Dr. Varner debunks much of the traditional teaching around ectopic pregnancy so that we can improve our diagnostic skills for this potentially life threatening diagnosis.

Everything that follows is from Dr. Helmon’s outstanding shownotes [included here on my blog as it (the blog) is my peripheral brain and I will have immediate access]:

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