Best COVID-19 Resource – “COVID-19” March 2, 2020 by Dr Josh Farkas From The Internet Book Of Critical Care

4-2-2020: As he promised, Dr. Farkas has been continually updating his COVID 19 chapter. And his most recent revision was on 3-29-2020. You can download his awesome post as a PDF to your phone or tablet. The links in this post will still take you to Dr. Farkas most recent revision.

In this post I link to Dr. Josh Farkas‘ outstanding COVID-19* article, revised March 29, 2020 From The Internet Book Of Critical Care. [Link is to the Table of Contents.]

*This article is so great that literally every clinician (physician, nurse, pharmacist, NP, PA, EMT, and Paramedic) should completely review this resource.

Note to myself: I have not excerpted any part of Dr. Farkas’ article because I just need to review the complete article at least once a week* initially during the epidemic as new information is daily coming out and Dr. Farkas states he will be revising his article daily as that new information becomes available. From Dr. Farkas’ COVID-19 Comments Page [This page is where all reader comments to the main article above are posted–Be sure to review all the thoughtful comments]:


As COVID-19 has exploded, so has the amount of information about COVID-19. There are currently over 700 publications regarding coronavirus listed in PubMed within the past few months. More are being released daily. Many haven’t been catalogued on PubMed yet.

This chapter will attempt to synthesize the latest and most important information on COVID-19. I will need your help to provide post-publication peer review and point me towards new developments.

I will be revising this on a daily basis until things settle down. It’s currently a bit rough, but I wanted to get it out without further delay. Regular programming on PulmCrit and the IBCC will be suspended for now (but rest assured, they will eventually resume).

COVID-19 is outstripping the ability of most traditional information sources to keep up. In this context, FOAMed may be an ideal medium to discuss and share late-breaking information. The hashtag #COVID19foam can be used to tag and track useful information on twitter.

An IBCC podcast on this will be coming out in several days, following an initial period of peer review and shaped by ongoing online discussions.

Thank you for all your help.



Again here is the link to Dr. Farkas’ main article on COVID-19.





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