Butterfly IQ (First-Generation): Review of the portable handheld ultrasound From YouTube

Please note that this review is of the first generation Butterfly IQ which is outstanding.

But now there is the Butterfly IQ+ which has awesome upgrades including pulse-wave Doppler in the US. Here are links to three YouTube videos on the Butterfly IQ+:  Butterfly iQ+: Product Overview, Review of the Butterfly iQ+ Handheld Ultrasound – Adult, and comprehensive review of Butterfly iQ+ handheld ultrasound (Dare2Compare series) with eng sub.

In this post I link to and embed interventional cardiologist Dr. Ali Haider‘s [Link is to Dr. Haider’s YouTube channel- strongly recommended],  Butterfly IQ: Review of the portable handheld ultrasound, Aug 16, 2020.

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