‘”Cancer Is On The Rise!”- Toxicity Expert Shares The Everyday Products Linked To It | Yvonne Burkart’

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Oct 23, 2023

Hidden toxins can be found in our everyday products and increase our risk of chronic diseases like cancer. Not only can these toxins be found in products that are absorbed in our skin, but they may also be in the air we breathe and the water we drink daily. Learning about the impact of these hidden chemicals and where they are commonly found can empower us to make better choices as consumers, limit our exposure, and create better health for ourselves and our families. Today on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru sits down with Dr. Yvonne Burkart, a board-certified toxicologist. Dr. Burkart shares the top sources of hidden toxins in everyday products, like cosmetics, cleaning, and household products. Dr. Burkart shares the latest research around toxin exposure, the most common toxic ingredients and where they can be found, and her top tips on protecting ourselves from exposure and optimizing detoxification in our bodies. Dr. Yvonne Burkart is a 22-year veteran of Toxicology with expertise in reproductive toxicity, particularly endocrine disruption, infertility, and cancer. She has also served as a Senior Toxicologist in the flavor and fragrance chemical industry, where she helped to ensure the safety of flavor ingredients, and is now a whistleblower on the lack of regulations in that field. After going through her own health crisis from exposure to harmful chemicals and witnessing firsthand the power of a low-tox lifestyle, Dr. Yvonne began a mission to help consumers slash their toxic exposure with confidence and ease. In this episode, Dhru and Dr. Burkart dive into: -Research confirming that hidden toxins in our cosmetics can turn on cancer genes in our bodies -The implications of activating breast cancer genes in women -The most common ingredients found in cosmetics that should be removed and everyday products that contain them -Why companies continue to use harmful ingredients in their products -The unknown behind what happens when you combine chemicals and use them on the body long term -Why consumers generally believe the industry’s blanket statements that chemicals are safe for the body -Why fragrances added to cosmetics or household products can be toxic and their impact on our body -How hidden toxins can have an obesogenic effect -Top 5 things toxins that should be avoided -The power of glutathione, how to support its natural production, and supplementing with glutathione -Other supplements that can help with detoxification -The importance of breathing in quality air and filtering water -Reconsidering using a paper cup for coffee -Support the detoxification of microplastics and testing exposure -What conscientious consumers can ask companies to provide them -Products that Dr. Burkart has found to be surprisingly toxic -Research showing that breast cancer amongst younger people is on the rise -The turning point for Dr. Burkart and her personal journey with toxins -Should natural flavors be avoided, and how consumers can avoid feeling overwhelmed -Dr. Burkart’s tips for minimizing her children’s toxic exposure

Also mentioned in this episode:

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-The Swell Score: https://theswellscore.com/

-The Million Marker: https://www.millionmarker.com/

-The Detox Project: https://detoxproject.org/

-Research on increase in cancer among younger individuals: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama…

-The Clean Label Project: https://cleanlabelproject.org/

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