Pediatric Advanced Life Support Case Studies

Everyone who cares infants and children will profit from the Pediatric Advanced Life Support course (PALS). And everyone who cares for infants and children will benefit from a careful review of the 2006 PALS case studies.

Here is the link to the 2006 PALS case studies. There are four respiratory core cases, four core shock cases, and four core cardiac cases. They are just outstanding! The case studies were on the 2006 PALS dvd.

The most recent PALS course manual was produced in 2011 but does not have the PALS case studies on the accompanying dvd.

The University of Wisconsin Pediatrics Department offers what they are calling PALS+ which is a two day course they are offering in March of 2014. Here is the link to their PALS+ brochure and here is their two day course schedule. It looks very interesting. If anyone has taken the September 2013 course, I would very much appreciate appreciate a comment.

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