Customizing WordPress – #5 The Loop Basics (YouTube Video)

Be  sure and review my post, The Main Index For Building Your Web Page Output In WordPress, before watching the video.

Customizing WordPress #5 – The Loop Basics 11:05

Published on Mar 6, 2014

The 5th video in the Customizing WordPress tutorial series. Here we explain the basics of the WordPress loop and we begin to understand how WordPress outputs its content.

See and review my post, The Main Index and The Loop, before or after watching the above video.

The loop is what’s outputting all of your posts on the home page and it outputs all the individual blog posts.

An explanation of the loop is in The Dummies book above on pp 456 – 464

The loop lives in all templates that are producing content.

The loop is really just a php file that is grabbing all of the posts that it is supposed to display and it displays what it needs to display.

So we’re going to copy index.php from our base theme into our child theme.

2:00 Now we’re going to open the child index.php in our text editor.


2:10 And we’ll scroll down and here we see the loop.



2:24 – 4:25 And the above is The Loop (all the stuff between <?php and ?>. So the looop runs from line 31 to line 52.


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