“EM Quick Hits 12: A Fib Early vs Delayed Cardioversion, Snake Bites, Ovarian Torsion Myths, Crystal Meth, Aortic Dissection, Severe Asthma Meds”

Another awesome EM Quick Hits podcast, EM Quick Hits 12, [Link is to the podcast and show notes] from Emergency Medicine Cases. Over the course of the next week, Ill be posting on some of the topics separately after reviewing additional resources. When I post on one of the topics below, I’ll put a link in this post.

Here is  the timeline of each of the topics:

Topics in this EM Quick Hits podcast

Paul Dorion on immediate cardioversion vs rate control/delayed cardioversion for atrial fibrillation (00:32)

Justin Morgenstern & Justin Hensley on emergency management of snake bites (10:24)

Brit Long on reliability of clinical features in the diagnosis of ovarian torsion (21:35)

Michelle Klaiman on emergency management of crystal methamphetamine use disorder (26:48)

Hans Rosenberg & Rob Ohle on workup of suspected aortic dissection (32:16)

Anand Swaminathan on epinephrine and magnesium sulphate in severe asthma (38:05)

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