Emergency Medicine Cases # 82 – Radiology Controversies – Simply Outstanding!

Thank you so much, Dr. Helman, founder and host of Emergency Medicine Cases. And thanks also to his excellent guest speakers, Drs. Himmel and Margau.

Emergency Medicine Cases # 82 is simply outstanding. Every physician will benefit from this resource.

Listening once and reviewing the episode’s pdf summary once is not enough. There is so much information that you need to watch and read at least twice or more.

Here is the link to the podcast and show notes and here is the link to pdf summary.

The topics covered are [these are headings from the PDF notes] :

Which patients with chest pain suspected of ACS require a CXR?

CXR findings that ED docs tend to miss

Workup for Solitary pulmonary nodule found on CXR or CT

Is the abdominal x-ray dead?

Which x-ray views are preferred for detecting pneumoperitoneum?

The rule of 3-6-9-12 for bowel obstruction

Advantages of ultrasound over CT [for abdominal problems]

When to consider abdominal ultrasound as a screening test rather than CT

Indications for IV and/or Oral Contrast in Abdominal CT

Indications for Head CT with Contrast in Emergency Radiology

Prevention of CT Contrast “Allergy”: An Anaphylactoid Reaction

Indications for CT C-spine in Emergency Radiology

The Truth About CT Radiation: A simplified approach to help in shared decision making

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