How To Make Great YouTube Videos

Anyone can make professional looking YouTube videos.

Here is a link to a video that will give you an introduction to the subject. From this you can review other videos on the subject.

Everything You Need to Make Educational Videos…More or Less 16:36 by MathontheWeb. Published on Nov 4, 2013

The above author gives a great intro to what you need know and have to make a good educational video. You will need:

  1. Screen capture video. He recommends SnagIt for a basic tool and Camtasia Studio as a premium (expensive) tool. My old YouTube videos where made with PowerPoint. I purchased ManyCam screen capture software but it clearly is not as powerful as Camtasia (and not as expensive) for my new videos (coming soon).
  2. A writing tablet. He recommends the Wacom products. If you don’t know what a writing tablet is, you will after the video.
  3. Digital paper. This is software that you use with your writing tablet. He recommends Microsoft OneNote. There are open source software programs such as Open Sankore and Krita. I don’t know if those would be appropriate for a tablet (I found them on a Google search) but I will be trying them. Also you might want to check out the YouTube videos on using GIMP and Inkscape with your tablet.
  4. Video Player. This means YouTube basically. There are others but YouTube is a great. The author has lots of good basic info on how to use YouTube.

There are many other good YouTube videos on making your own educational or marketing videos. And clicking on the above video will get you links to some of them.

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