Learning Ultrasound – 9 – Lung Scanning Technique From Western Sono

This post from Western Sono Point of Care Ultrasound site from  Western University, London, Ontario, Canada is on the technique of lung scanning.

Western Sono recommends that lung scanning be performed with the phased array probe because its small size makes it easier to get between the ribs. If you’re only interested in determing the presence or absence of the lung sliding  (lung shimmering) then, the author states, you can use the high frequency linear probe.

There are seven videos on lung ultrasound from Western Sono. See Additional Resources below for the other six videos.

Western Sono Lung Ultrasound Image Acquision Technique [labeled Lung Ultrasound Protocol For ICU on the YouTube site] YouTube video,  10:15

The standard views for image acquisition of solid organs are typically dictated by what windows are possible based on external anatomy and surrounding structures. The lungs, however, can be imaged from anywhere on the thorax. This boundless opportunity can create confusion and, possibly, crippling anxiety as to which portions of the lungs deserve to be imaged. The idea is, much like the way we auscultate, to take a representative sample from major lung zones and then synthesize a conclusion – clear lungs, unilateral lung disease, bilateral lung disease, etc that permits a rapid differential diagnosis for the respiratory failure that confronts you. Efficiency and accuracy are essential.

Additional Resources:

Western Sono Lung Ultrasound: Image Interpretation Tutorial YouTube Video, 23:22

Are you able to find the lungs and pleura on ultrasound but need a refresher on how to decode the various findings that you might see? Lung ultrasound (more than pleural) is an artifact driven field and this tutorial seeks to educate and demystify the lung findings of A lines, B lines and sliding lung as well as the classic pleural findings of consolidation and effusion.

Western Sono Consolidation: Atelectasis or Pneumonia? YouTube Video, 10:19

Western Sono Alveolar Consolidation and Shred Sign YouTube Video, 11:35

Western Sono Loss of Lung Sliding: Beyond Pneumothorax YouTube Video, 5:26

Western Sono Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome YouTube Video, 7:34

Western Sono Respiratory Failure Case by Lucas Ciprietti YouTube Video,



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