Link To And Excerpts From “#207 How to Create a Medical Podcast: Tales from the Curbside”

In this post I link to and excerpt from another excellent post from the Curbsiders, #207 How to Create a Medical Podcast: Tales from the Curbside, APRIL 16, 2020 By MATTHEW WATTO, MD:

Welcome to The Curbsiders step by step guide on how to create a medical podcast. @doctorwatto and @paulnwilliamz walk you through how to conceptualize your podcast, build your team, choose your equipment and the basics of how to setup hardware and software recording. Be sure to browse the accompanying show notes for a true step-by-step guide complete with links to videos, web pages, and blog posts that we found helpful when starting our show. If it’s not in this document, then it can easily be found on YouTube, or via a Google search.

Written and produced by: Matthew Watto MD

Cover art and Infographic by Matthew Watto MD

Hosts: Matthew Watto MD and Paul Williams MD

Editor: Clair Morgan of

Random pearls on how to create a medical podcast

  1. Clear audio is KEY! Minimize echo, background noise and ensure everyone has at least a USB headset/mic like this one Sennheiser headset $35.
  2. Record at least 3 practice episodes and get feedback. Record with your friends or family first because they’ll forgive you when things go wrong. Technical failures are a waste of your guest’s time and can ruin your rep.
  3. Be an autodidact. There are YouTube videos, blog posts, and even podcasts addressing every podcasting question we’ve ever had.
  4. Limit yourself to one standard drink (e.g. 12 oz beer, 5 oz wine) before a recording. Two drinks is risky. Three is a disaster.
  5. Make professional show notes with learning objectives, summary of key points, conflicts of interest, visual aids, and links from the show.
  6. Don’t forget to PRESS RECORD and DOUBLE RECORD everything! Equipment and software fails sometimes!

The show notes of this podcast are detailed and are awesome. Here is the link to this episode’s excellent show notes.*

* I haven’t summarized the notes because every bit of the notes are awesome. So just go and review them.

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