Linking To And Embedding The Outstanding AMAX4 Simulation Video For Crashing Asthma And Anaphylaxis

In addition to today’s resource, please see and review Emergency Medicine CasesEp 187 Crashing Anaphylaxis – AMAX4 Algorithm and The Max McKenzie Case.

Today, I reviewed and embedded the AMAX4 Simulation*.

*But be sure and review the entire AMAX4 website which has a lot of additional critical information.


AMAX4 Channel

A simulation of what is best practice to manage somebody who presents with hypoxic asthma or anaphylaxis arrest. Anaphylaxis is the quintessential emergency medicine problem where all ABC – airway, breathing and circulation – might simultaneously be compromised. It is time critical to avoid hypoxic brain injury and manage each of those simultaneously. The actors are fellow emergency medicine specialists and trainees.




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