Links And Excerpts: “Episode 173 Febrile Infant Risk Stratification & Workup” From Emergency Medicine Cases

Today, I reviewed Emergency Medicine Cases podcast and show notes of Episode 173 Febrile Infant Risk Stratification & Workup and link to the EM Cases Summary PDF.*

*Helman, A. Joubert, G. Burstein, B. Episode173 Febrile Infant – Risk Stratification and Workup. Emergency Medicine Cases. August, 2022. Accessed May 24, 2023

All that follows is from the show notes of the above resource.

There has been a major paradigm shift in how we work up the febrile infant in the ED recently. Validated decision tools that include procalcitonin have allowed us to safely avoid lumbar puncture, immediate empiric IV antibiotics , and admissions to hospital in a greater proportion of febrile infants than in the past. Gone are the days that every febrile infant less than 60 days of age reflexively get an LP, full septic workup, empiric antibiotics and pediatric consult/admission. We need to slow down and consider the decision tools and an algorithm based on the latest evidence and the upcoming Canadian Pediatric Society position statement on febrile infants that we present here.

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