Links To And Excerpts From “Approach to Bronchiolitis” From PedsCases

In addition to the resource cited below, please see and review the PedsCases Note (Infographic) [Link is to the complete list of PedsCases Notes (Infographics)] Approach to Bronchiolitis, by Viane.Faily, Jul 30, 2020:

This PedsCases Note provides a one-page infographic on the approach to bronchiolitis. It overviews presentation, common differentials, investigations and management. It was created by Viane Faily, a medical student at the University of Alberta, with the help of Dr. Chris Novak at the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton.

In this post, I link to and excerpt from PedsCasesApproach to Bronchiolitis,
by Tahereh.Haji, Jan 19, 2017. All that follows is from this excellent resource.

This episode reviews an approach to bronchiolitis in the infant. At the end of the podcast, listeners will be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of bronchiolitis, list the risk factors for severe bronchiolitis, review the appropriate investigations and discuss the key principles of management. This podcast was developed by Tahereh Haji, a medical student atUniversity of Saskatchewan, in collaboration with Dr. Susanna Martin, a pediatrician and Associate Professor at the University of Saskatchewan.

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Excerpts from the Script will follow later today.


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