Links To Dr. Weingart’s Post “EMCrit 255 – Pigtails for Pleural Problems (Percutaneous Thoracostomy)”

Here is the link to Dr. Weingart’s post EMCrit 255 – Pigtails for Pleural Problems (Percutaneous Thoracostomy), September 4, 2019.

Here are the quotes from Dr. Weingart’s post:

Pigtails should replace chest tubes for most pneumothoraces and pleural effusions requiring drainage. In this episode, I discuss points on use and placement. The next post will be a video on an actual placement. Please put your comments and thoughts below.

For a video of the procedure,

come on over here:

EMCrit –  The Pigtail Video


And here is a link to EMCrit Wee – Central Line MicroSkills (Deliberate Practice)
September 12, 2015 by Dr Scott Weingart. Dr. Weingart recommends this post in the EMcrit 255 podcast.

And here are two additional resources to review:

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