Links To Resources On The Diagnosis And Treatment Of COVID 19, Influenza, And Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Today, I’ve put together resources on when and how to prescribe Paxlovid.

Here are links to FDA and CDC resources on COVID-19, Flu, and RSV.

  1. COVID-19, Flu and RSV: FDA Resources for Respiratory Illnesses
    1. “You may be eligible for three vaccinations this fall and winter – flu, COVID-19, and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) – and wondering if you should get all three shots.””This is your guide to FDA-authorized and approved vaccines, tests and treatments for all three illnesses. Talk to a health care professional about what works best for you.”
    2.  Vaccines:
      1. COVID-19 Vaccines
      2. Flu Vaccine 
      3. RSV Vaccines
        1. “There are two FDA-approved vaccines for individuals 60 years of age and older; one is also approved for use in pregnant individuals to prevent RSV in infants. Ask your doctor or your nurse about your eligibility.”
    3. Tests
      1. COVID-19 Tests
        1. “The FDA has authorized and approved many COVID-19 tests, including rapid home tests.”
      2. Flu Tests
        1. “The CDC has more information about the types of flu tests available. Your health care professional can answer questions about flu tests.”
      3. RSV Tests
        1. “Lab tests can detect respiratory viruses such as RSV and the viruses that cause COVID-19 and the flu.”
      4. Tests Used By Your Doctor
        1. “Your doctor uses laboratory tests to help diagnose health conditions”
    4. Treatments
      1. COVID-19 Treatments
        1. “FDA-approved and authorized treatments are available.”
      2. Flu Treatments
        1. “Flu antiviral medicines are FDA-approved treatments for adults, children, and infants.”
      3. RSV Treatments
        1. “Most people can recover at home from mild cold-like symptoms. Infants and adults with severe cases may need to be hospitalized. Talk with a health care professional if you are severely ill.”
      4. Questions And Answers About Drugs
        1. “FDA pharmacists answer your questions about prescription and non-prescription drugs.”

Here are two links on prescribing Paxlovir.

  1. PAXLOVID Patient Eligibility Screening Checklist Tool for Prescribers
    1. This resource is an 8 page PDF and is an exellent brief review.
    2. “This checklist is intended as an aid to support clinical decision making for prescribers. However, use of this checklist is not required to prescribe PAXLOVID under the EUA.”
    3. Source: FDA, May 25, 2023
    1. This is a 2 page PDF. © 2023 American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.
    2. The first page is an excellent flow chart that comprises a rapid review.
    3. The second page has resources on:
      1. Prescribing & Dispensing
        1. A copy of the Fact Sheet
          for Patients, Parents, and
          Caregivers must be provided
          with Paxlovid
      2. Paxlovid Contraindications
      3. Notable Drug-Drug Interactions
      4. Resources for Evaluating Drug Interactions
        1. Fact Sheet for Healthcare
        2. University of Liverpool
          COVID-19 Drug Interactions
        3. COVID-19 Advisory for
          Ontario What Prescribers and
          Pharmacists Need to Know
      5. Other Resources
        1. ASHP Paxlovid Resources
        2. NIH COVID-19 Treatment
        3. CDC: COVID-19
        4. Test to Treat Locator
        5. PAXLOVID Patient Eligibility
          Screening Checklist Tool for
        6. AHFS Nirmatrelvir Monograph
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