Links To The Complete List Of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Podcasts From The Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia (CHOP)

Today I link to the website and episode list of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Podcasts from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

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A Pediatric Emergency Medicine Podcast to educate, enlighten and inform.

Join host Robert A. Belfer, MD, a Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as he chats with local, regional, national and international leaders in the fields of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Neurology, Surgery, Radiology, Intensive Care, Infectious Disease and others who will offer insights into the latest clinical updates and innovations in Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

You can download these episodes and subscribe to the series on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

Featured Episodes

The content contained in the following podcasts is current as of the date of publication.

  • Episode 22: Autism – Eron Friedlaender, MD shares her expertise as a physician and parent in caring for the child with autism in the Emergency Department
  • Episode 21: Severe Asthma – Dr. Bob Belfer discusses the treatment of SEVERE ASTHMA with experts Dr. Joe Zorc [PEM] and Dr. Aaron Donoghue [PEM, PICU]
  • Episode 20: DKA – A Sweet New Year to All — DKA with Drs. Glaser and Kuppermann kicks off 2022
  • Episode 19: Concussion – Stay a-HEAD of the game as host Dr. Bob Belfer discusses CONCUSSIONS with Dr. Dan Corwin [PEM] and Dr. Christina Master [Sports Medicine]
  • Episode 18: BREAKING NEWS EPISODE: COVID UPDATE with Dr. Paul Offit – BREAKING NEWS EPISODE: Dr. Paul Offit rejoins us to speak about vaccines for 5-11 year olds!
  • Episode 17: Bronchiolitis – RSV is back! Join host Dr. Bob Belfer as he talks Bronchiolitis with Dr. Joe Zorc [PEM]
  • Episode 16: POCUS – Dr. Bob Belfer talks POCUS IN PEM with experts Dr. Rachel Rempell [CHOP] and Dr. Adam Sivitz [Children’s Hospital of NJ]
  • Episode 15: COVID in ISRAEL – Host Dr. Bob Belfer and Dr. Ron Berant [ PEM – Schneider Children’s Medical Center] discuss how Israel is “Living with Covid”
  • Episode 14: Simulation – Host Dr. Bob Belfer “practices” SIMULATION with Drs. Marc Auerbach [Yale PEM] and Khoon-yen Tay [CHOP PEM]
  • Episode 13: Pneumonia – Dr. Todd Florin wins the GOLD MEDAL for his discussion with host Dr. Bob Belfer on Pneumonia
  • Episode 12: SIDS – Dr. Bob Belfer discusses Sudden Infant Death Syndrome with Dr. Rachel Moon; intro by Dr. Stephen Ludwig
  • Episode 11: Transport – BUCKLE UP! Host Dr. Bob Belfer talks Pediatric Transport with Drs. Nicholas Tsarouhas [CHOP PEM] and Corina Noje [JHU PICU].
  • Episode 10: Toxicology – Drs. Diane Calello and Kevin Osterhoudt “TALK TOX” with host Dr. Bob Belfer.
  • Episode 9: Sickle Cell Disease – Sickle cell disease experts Drs. Angela Ellison [PEM] and Kim Smith-Whitley [Heme] join host Dr. Bob Belfer as they discuss advances in the care of children with this disease.
  • Episode 8: The Febrile Infan‪t‬ – Join host Dr. Bob Belfer as he talks to PEM experts Dr. Rich Scarfone and Dr. Prashant Majahan about how to approach the infant with a fever.
  • Episode 7: MIS-‪C‬ – Do not MISS this episode as Dr. Bob Belfer chats MIS-C with Dr. Josh Rocker [PEM], Dr. Hamid Bassiri [ID] and Dr. Katie Chiotos [PICU]
  • Episode 6: Blunt Abdominal Traum‪a‬ – Join host Dr. Bob Belfer as he talks “Blunt Abdominal Trauma” with guests Dr. Eron Friedlaender [PEM], Dr. Summer Kaplan [RAD] and Dr. Michael Nance [Surgeon]
  • Episode 5: Sepsis – Join host Dr. Bob Belfer as he talks Pediatric Sepsis with Dr. Scott Weiss [PICU], Dr. Fran Balamuth [PEM] and PEM RN Mary Kate Abbadessa
  • Episode 4: Appendicitis — Join host Dr. Bob Belfer as he talks appendicitis with Dr. Mark Joffe [PEM], Dr. Asef Khwaja [Radiologist] and Dr. Gary Nace [Surgeon]
  • Episode 3: Status Epilepticus — Join host Dr. Bob Belfer as he chats with Dr. Jim Chamberlain [PEM] and Dr. Dennis Dlugos [Neurologist]
  • Episode 2: A Conversation with Dr. Paul Offit — Dr. Paul Offit discusses his latest book, OVERKILL: When Modern Medicine Goes Too Far and COVID Updates from the Expert.
  • Episode 1: PEM Podcast Intro — Dr. Steve Ludwig and Dr. Fred Henretig introduce the CHOP PEM Podcast debuting January 2021.

Continuing Medical Education Statement

Physicians who view the podcast from the beginning to the end may self-report .25 AMA PRA Category 2 credit for each podcast in which they participate.

Podcast Team

Host: Robert A. Belfer, MD
Education Director: Jill Posner, MD 
Senior Medical Advisor: Steve Ludwig, MD
Senior Medical Advisor: Fred Henretig, MD 
Producers: Katherine Bach, Meghan Chamberlain, Sam Grinberg, Jeremy Jones, Jingxin Li, Sarah Perelman
Editor: Clair,

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