Links To The OBS (Open Broadcaster Software Wiki (Basically The Online Instruction Manual)

In this post, I link to the OBS Wiki (the online instruction manual) links.

The place to start is the Quickstart Guide. Review the whole guide and you’ll be off and creating content!



Getting Started

Get to Know OBS

Advanced Usage


Development & Scripting

Post Production

Install instructions

Build instructions



If you’re looking for any kind of assistance with OBS Studio, the site has a help portal with links to resources and our support channels:

For Support Questions, Discord, the Discord server, IRC chat, and forums are available:



The community has created a few guides on how to use OBS Studio:

More info about OBS Studio can be found in the Readme:

Developers see the getting started tutorial, contributing guidelines, and copying info:

For Development related Questions there is also a forum available:

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