Low Risk Chest Pain In The ED – Part 2 From The 2016 EEM Conference

The following are my notes on the second of three vidcasts that are from the Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2016 Conference.

Links to Part 1 and Part 3 are below in Resources (1) and (2) in Resources at the end of today’s notes.

Low-Risk Chest Pain ADP SHOWDOWN (Using TIMI vs HEART): Part 2 of 3 – TIMI

In part 2, Dr. Cameron Berg gives his approach to low risk chest pain. Dr. Berg does use the TIMI score as part of his algorithm. The graphic below is a picture of the TIMI Risk Calculator available at MDCalc:



The graphic below is Dr. Berg’s algorithm. I was unable to find the publication that it was from:



Using this algorithm Dr. Berg states that his group was able to eliminate all of the practice variance in handling low risk chest pain in his emergency specialty group.

He also said that another result of the algorithm was that it decreased length of stay for the patients who were admitted for ACS.


(1) Low-Risk Chest Pain ADP SHOWDOWN (Using TIMI vs HEART): Pt. 1 of 3 – HEART

(2) Low-Risk Chest Pain ADP SHOWDOWN: Part 3 of 3 – Delta Troponins and Stress Tests

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