Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) in Action: 2013 Update Through Simulation–A YouTube Video from Seattle Childrens

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The heart of the neonatal resuscitation program is this algorithm (the video follows the algorithm):

Updated AlgorithmA term infant is one who has completed the 37th week of gestation.

7:02 to 16:10 How to make sure that you have all the equipment available and properly set up.


16:20 to  Using  pulse oximetry



17:20 to


In order to use the target saturation table, we need to know the newborn’s age in minute. Therefore, we need to press the Apgar timer at the time the baby is born.

18:02 to

PulseOx+Blender All Births


RT On Stick This shows the air and the oxygen tanks on a rolling pole with the oxygen blender, a PPV device, and the oximeter all on the same pole. So if you don’t have access to the air-oxygen blender-oximeter in every single delivery room, which many community hospitals don’t, you can put RT on a stick outside of every three or four delivery rooms. When you are expecting a baby that may need  positive pressure ventilation or oxygen, you can roll the RT on a stick into the delivery room so you can get to it. If you are surprised by a baby who needs ventilation, then someone else can know where it is and go and get it while you are proceeding with the resuscitation.




NewbornWithMom“We don’t use a bulb suction on a baby who does not have obstruction to breathing and who does not need positive pressure ventilation.” In the old days, every baby got bulb suction–now, only if they need it.

“Babies that need initial steps and get resuscitated do get their mouths and noses suctioned but babies who are not having trouble, that are staying with their mom, we usually don’t put the bulb syringe in their mouth or nose.”

22:10: The speaker does three scenarios. And here is scenario one.


26:34 Scenario One Debriefing


28:40 Here is Scenario Two


34:10 This part is not a scenario but a discussion.

CPAP in Delivery Room




Suction For Meconium







Additional Resources

The Neonatal Resuscitation Website has additional resources including the Media Library which has excerpts from 12 videos that are complete on the dvd included with the 6th edition of The Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation  showing key skills that everyone should know.

Emergency Umbilical Vein Catheterization for Newborns—An Outstanding Video Resource. This is a post on my blog with a link to the YouTube video which demonstrates the 3 x 3 method of placing an emergency umbilical vein catheter. The post also has a transcript of the  video. And here is a direct link to the YouTube video, Emergency UVC Placement.

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