Secondary Causes Of Hypertensive Emergencies From IBCC Chapter And Cast: Hypertensive Emergencies With An Additional Resource

This post contains excerpts from Dr. Josh FarkasInternet Book of Critical Care [Link is to TOC] IBCC chapter and cast: Hypertensive Emergencies [Link is to the chapter]. And here is the link to the podcast. Don’t skip either one.

For endocrine causes of secondary hypertension please see Screening for Endocrine Hypertension: An Endocrine Society Scientific Statement [PubMed Abstract] [Full Text HTML] [Full Text PDF]. Endocrine Reviews, Volume 38, Issue 2, 1 April 2017, Pages 103–122

In this post I’ve excerpted the secondary causes of Hypertensive Emergencies from Dr. Farkas’ chapter:

See Scleroderma And Renal Crisis from StatPearls

“secondary hypertension”

Secondary hypertension is used here to refer to HTN which is a result of some other primary process. In most cases, the primary process will be more obvious clinically, dominating the initial clinical presentation (e.g. aortic dissection, sympathetic crashing acute pulmonary edema, cocaine intoxication).
Treatment will vary widely, depending on the specific context. This will be covered in other chapters regarding these individual conditions.
Please note that the remainder of this chapter doesn’t necessarily apply to secondary hypertension (for example, do not use this as a guide to pregnancy-associated hypertension and pre-eclampsia*, which requires an entirely different approach).

IBCC chapter & cast: Preeclampsia & HELLP syndrome
March 30, 2019 by Dr. Josh Farkas



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