Some Tools for Chronic Pain Management

From Assessment and Management of Chronic Pain, Sixth Edition/November 2013:

Examples of pain assessment, functional assessment, and psychological assessment tools are, but are 
not limited to:
– Brief Pain Inventory (BPI)
– Physical Functional Ability Questionnaire (FAQ5)
– Oswestry Low Back Disability Index (refer to ICSI Adult Low Back Pain guideline)
– PHQ-9
– GAD 7

The Brief Pain Inventory (pp 82-84), PHQ-9 (pp 85+86), Physical Ability Questionnaire (FAQ5) (pp 87+88), Personal Care Plan for Chronic Pain (p 89), DIRE Score: Patient Selection for Chronic Opioid Analgesia (p 90), Opioid Agreement Form (p 91), Opioid Analgesics (p 92), and Neuropathic Pain Treatment Diagram (p 93) are all available at Assessment and Management of Chronic Pain Sixth Edition/November 2013.

Oswestry Low Back Disability Index is a very widely used back questionnaire. 

GAD-7 is a measure for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. GAD-2 is simply the first two questions of the GAD-7

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