“The Crashing Neonate | The Mastering Pediatric Emergencies Course”

Today, I review, and embed The Center for Medical Education‘s “The Crashing Neonate | The Mastering Pediatric Emergencies Course“.

All that follows is from the above resource.

The Crashing Neonate by Alfred Sacchetti, MD

The Mastering Pediatric Emergencies Course

An immersive online CME course created to substantially increase your confidence managing pediatric emergencies. Created for MDs, PAs, NPs, and RNs.

Learn more and purchase at https://courses.ccme.org/course/pedia….

EM board-certified or not, managing the acutely ill or injured child can be among the most challenging scenarios in emergency medicine.

✓ An intensive, comprehensive review covering newborn to adolescence

✓ Incorporates the leading authoritative guidelines

✓ A focus on data-driven, literature-based content

✓ Taught by 9 energetic and knowledgeable Peds/EM educators

✓ A 22-hour deep dive that will create a renewed confidence in your ability to diagnose and treat pediatric emergencies

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