The Medicine Probably Doesn’t Help But The FDA Approved It Anyway – What Should Doctors Do – Help From EMCrit #258

This post is simply a link to the outstanding EMCrit post, EMCrit 258 – Should Andexxa be added to a Hospital’s Formulary? [Link is to the show notes, podcast, and listener comments] October 26, 2019 by Dr. Scott Weingart:

The question of the use of Andexxa, a reversal agent for Factor Xa Inhibitors,* has been batting around my brain for a few months now.

*Here is a list of Xa Inhibitors from

We are in the unfortunate position of having a drug with very questionable evidentiary support but with an FDA labelled indication. I received an email from the lead author of paper just published in Neurocritical Care.

Dr. Harry Peled is the medical director of Cardiology and Critical Care at St Jude Medical Center in California. Relevantly, he is also chair of the Pharmacy an Therapeutics Committee.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue–place them in the comments below.

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