“The War on Error: [10] Common [Sets of] Diagnostic Errors” From Medscape

The ten article links below from Medscape cover 10 sets of symptoms (pulmonary, rheumatologic, eye, neurologic, cardiac, urologic, ENT, GI, infectious disease, and urgent care) and tips on  how to evaluate the symptoms correctly.

The War on Error: Common Diagnostic Errors From Medscape:


Diagnostic Errors in Patients With Pulmonary Symptoms
These five clinical cases illustrate how diagnostic reasoning can go awry when patients present with pulmonary complaints

Leg Pain and Shortness of Breath     A Mysterious Cough   Wheeze     Is It Cardiac? [Dyspnea On Exertion]     Insomnia


Diagnostic Error in the Patient With Rheumatologic Symptoms
Joint symptoms can be the harbinger of a range of conditions, from relatively benign to life-threatening. Are you able to correctly diagnose these patients?

Is It SLE?      This Must Be Gout, Right?       Blue Fingers In The Cold     My Aching Joints [Distinguishing Synovitis  From Osteoarthritis]     Fibromyalgia or Hypermobility?


Diagnostic Errors in Patients With Eye Symptoms
Although some eye-related symptoms are fairly common, others can be indicative of serious conditions. Are you able to distinguish the two correctly?

Nocturnal Headaches     Floaters and Flashing Lights     Just an Eye Infection? [Or Orbital Cellulitis]     The Red, Irritated Eye [With Photophobia]     Acute Double Vision


Diagnostic Error in Patients With Neurologic Symptoms
Misdiagnosis in patients with neurologic symptoms may result in ineffective and potentially toxic treatment.

MS Fears     Is an EEG Necessary?     Could This Be A Stroke?     A Forgetful Older Woman: Dementia or Depression?     Teasing Out the Etiology of a Headache


Diagnostic Error in Patients With Cardiac Symptoms
Six different cases involving diagnostic errors in patients who presented with cardiac symptoms are described by Dr Michael Blaha

Deep Six The Statin? [True Statin Myopathy]       Pre-op Cardiac “Clearance”      Resisting Anticoagulation     It’s Not Your Heart, It’s the Flu [Viral Illness and Myocardial Infarction]     Tachycardia and Troponin Elevation


Diagnostic Error in Patients With Urologic Symptoms
Are this man’s symptoms related to his prostate or his bladder? Can you treat a UTI over the phone? These and other questions are addressed in this slideshow.

Not Another [Prostate] Biopsy, Please!      Testicular Pain and Mass     Probably Just a Stone [Gross Hematuria]     Putting Faith in Antibiotics [Evaluating Patients With Suspected UTI]     ‘I’d Rather Live With It’ [Evaluation of (Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms) LUTS]


Diagnostic Error in Patients With Ear, Nose, or Throat Symptoms
Dr Gordon Sun describes diagnostic errors he often encounters in patients with ear, nose, or throat symptoms

Vocal Symptoms [Visualizing the Larynx]     Ringing In The Ears [Imaging Studies for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus]     Ear-Popping and Fullness [Imaging in Acute Rhinosinusitis]     An Incidental Nodule [Thyroid Nodule Evaluation]     Facial Trauma [Radiographic Assessment of Facial Trauma]


5 Diagnostic Errors to Avoid: The Patient With GI Symptoms
At least 1 in 20 adults will experience a diagnostic error this year. You can at least avoid these five common diagnostic errors in gastroenterology

Is C. difficile cured?     Mysterious Abdominal Pain     Unnecessary Colon Cancer Screening      Appropriate H. pylorie testing     Mildly Elevatated Liver Tests And An Abnormal Liver Ultrasoud


5 Diagnostic Errors to Avoid: The Patient With Infectious Disease
Be sure to avoid the five common diagnostic errors in infectious diseases that are illustrated in these cases.

Fever And Sore Throat [Strep or Something Else]     UTI [When To Culture]     Cough [Consider Primary Tuberculosis]     Is C. difficile cured?     Evaluating Animal Bites


5 Diagnostic Errors to Avoid: The Patient With Urgent Symptoms or Injuries
Patients with urgent symptoms can present anywhere—including in primary care. Read our case-based review of five common diagnostic errors when evaluating patients with acute symptoms or injuries.

Puncture Wound Of The Foot [Imaging]     Abdominal Pain [Consider US or/and CT]     Pain With Normal X-rays After Fall On Out Stretched Hand (FOOSH)     Vague Abdominal Symptoms, Nausea, Vomitting and Shortness of Breath [Consider MI – EKG and Troponin]

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