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“TIA Parts 1 and 2” From EMC’s Awesome Rapid Reviews Videos

Emergency Medicine Cases is one of the best FOAMed resources available.

And recently they have added a new section to the website: Rapid Review Videos. The following quotes are from the link and tell us how to effectively use this incredible resource:

Welcome to EM Cases Rapid Reviews Videos!

In each series of 6-10 minute videos, our team reviews the key take home points from one of the EM Cases main episode podcasts. To maximize your knowledge acquisition and retention, and in keeping with the educational theories of spaced repetition learning and multimodal learning, we recommend that after listening to the main episode podcast, you:

  1. Read the blog post or written summary,
  2. Review the Just the Nuggets emails with quizzes (sign up via our newsletter here) and
  3. Watch the Rapid Reviews video!

Our Rapid Reviews Videos team is: Dr. Patrick GilbrideDr. Taryn Lloyd, Nick Clarridge, Eileen Cheung and Dr. Michelle Yee.

And here again is the link to the complete list of videos: Rapid Review Videos

I just watched two of the videos on TIA and they are awesome and wonderfully brief and complete. Here are the links and notes to the two videos.

TIA Part I Rapid Review Videos from Emergency Medicine Cases:

Learning Objectives

  1. To know the differential diagnosis of a TIA and its key features.
  2. To review the 4 types of TIA.
  3. To review the 4 ER investigations for a TIA.

Podcast and Written Summary [for the EMC podcast on this topic]

For a summary of Rosen’s on TIA visit CrackCast [Be sure and visit this link for another incredible resource you’ll want to put in your peripheral electronic brain.]

Learning Objectives

  1. To review the acute ER management of a TIA.
  2. To review risk-stratification and disposition decision in TIA.
  3. To review an approach to vertigo.

For a summary of Rosen’s on TIA management visit CrackCast

In each series of short Rapid Reviews videos, our team reviews the key take home points from one of the EM Cases main episode podcasts.



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