Two YouTube Videos On Portable Ultrasound Scanners

Here are two YouTube on various portable ultrasound scanners. All of these scanners would be suitable for primary care office ultrasound scanning.

The video is 19:12 in length and was published

Dr. Warren Cooper is a surgeon who works in a resource limited region. And he states that he has used Sonosite M-Turbo in the past but that he has had bad luck with them as he has one quit on him at two years and it needed the entire motherboard replaced and the probe replaced. Assuming you had a good maintenance contract with Sonosite that might handle that problem.

So in the video above Dr. Cooper reviews two wireless hand held scanners: The Sonostar Wireless Mini Ultrasounder and the Q-Sono

Dr. Cooper states that he thought the Sonostar (for which he paid $1800) was really great. It has Android and iPhone software. And the probe wirelessly connects to your phone or tablet.

However, when he tested the Q-Sono, he was even more impressed than with the Sonostar.

Dr. Cooper states that the image on the Q-Sono is much better than on the Sonostar. The less expensive version does not have color. The color probe costs twice as much. Dr. Cooper paid about $3000 for the (black and white unit) and $300 for the extra heads. So $3000 gets you one head (probe) and $300 more for each extra head (probe) you want.

Dr. Cooper shows us the image with the Q-Star which isn’t bad at all. But then he shows us the image of Q-Sono which appears awesome in his video.

The Q-Sono has six different heads (probes) available including an endovascular probe. At the time of this video the system was only approved for veterinary use in the United States.

Dr. Cooper states that the image of the Q-Sono is almost as good (but not quite) as the Sonosite M-Turbo that he has used.

The above video is 22:57 in length, published in August 22, 2016 by Dr. Mir Mahin Ashraff. Ten ultrasound scanners are shown

  1. Clarius  0:00 – 1:26
  2. UScan  from Signostics 1:26 – 2:48
  3. Phillips: Visiq 2:50 – 3:58
  4. Konica: Sonoimage P3 4:02 – 7:10
  5. Mobisante 7:12 – 10:08
  6. Seimans: Acuson Free Style Ultrasound 10:14 – 12:43
  7. Phillips: Lumify 12:48 – 15:20
  8. Sonosite: Nanomax 15:23 – 18:05
  9. Sonosite: iViz 18:09 – 20:59
  10. Vscan by GE Healthcare 21:01 – 22:57

Here is a link to Dr. Mahin’s Sonography Channel. And here are the notes that accompany the above video:

How many of you have seen these devices before? Comment your opinions below. (This video was made on the basis of 2016 devices) Top 10 small and portable ultrasound devices. Brought to you by Dr. Mahin’s Sonography. Links of these products are given below:

1. Vscan:

2. Sonosite iviz:

3. Sonosite Nonomaxx:

4. Lumify:

5. Acuson Freestyle Ultrasound:

6. Mobisante:

7. Sonoimage P3:

8. Visiq:

9. Usacn:

10. Clarius:


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