Virtual Morning Report–Episode 576-February 3, 2022-Weakness And SOB-Anemia And Dyspnea

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Here is the link to the home page for Virtual Morning Report [From this link you can directly access all 572+ episodes].

Episode 576 – 30 Minute Virtual Morning Report – February 3 – Weakness and SOB [Watch on the Clinical Problem Solvers What follows is from the above resource.]

Case presenter – Promise Lee

Case overview & teaching points – Here

Download the above PDF

Download the above PDF

The Dyspnea Pyramid:

Download the above PDF

Dx Schema – Anemia Thought Train:

Download the above PDF [You can enlarge the PDF to more easily follow the chart]

Dx Schema – Dyspnea

Download the above PDF.

In this post I link to and excerpt from The YouTube Clinical Problem Solvers‘ “February 3, 2022 “30-minute Thursday” VMR – weakness and shortness of breath” [Link is to the video on YouTube]

By watching the video on YouTube, you can follow along in the autogenerated transcript which is usually adequate.


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